Common Questions

We realize questions will arise during your selection process. In an effort to address this issue listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions for your convenience:

Q: What is the advantage of hiring a minority vendor?

A: Governmental entities as well as national and multi-national corporations often endeavor to include minority owned companies as a significant percentage of their contractual service agreements. By hiring a certified minority vendor such as Environmental that is a member in good standing with the National Minority Supplier Development Council you will be receiving the highest quality janitorial service while fulfilling commitments to diversity and supporting your organization’s goals of utilizing a minority owned business enterprise.

Q: I encounter unique cleaning issues on a daily basis. How do your managers customize service?

A: Cleaning personnel work under the supervision of an Environmental manager and are given clear direction on a daily basis. Work objectives are defined in specific job descriptions. Each job manager promotes teamwork through organization and good communication. Experienced, energetic managers make certain that careful attention is given to every detail and to the special needs of our customers. The investment of time to provide feedback to our employees allows Environmental to continually improve our operation and ensure quality service.

Q: What type of Quality Assurance Program do you have in place?

A: Environmental utilizes a “double check” system that includes daytime inspections by our customer service representatives and nighttime inspections by management personnel. Environmental also provides a detailed start-up plan 30 days prior to starting work. We use “Supervisor’s Job Inspection Reports” and other proactive quality control reports designed to eliminate potential cleaning problems. Environmental also generates a number of management reports to provide our operations/management personnel with the most accurate and up-to-date information about your account. We provide our customers with a detailed schedule of all non-routine work, enabling management staff and customers to effectively monitor the results of our work. At Environmental, we make sure that quality of service comes first.

Q: A missed trashcan is inevitable, so how do you respond if a cleaning issue arises?

A: Environmental uses supervision and measurable performance standards to meet the needs of each customer. Environmental will have in place an organizational structure to provide authority, responsibility, and accountability for all tasks and functions to control and enhance quality. Quality checks, reporting requirements, hands-on supervision, response mechanisms, and a back-up system of operational responsibilities will help create a proactive system to benefit your facility. Call us and concerns will be handled immediately.

Q: How do you ensure a trustworthy cleaning crew?

A: Environmental conducts thorough background checks and screens each and every employee before they ever set foot in your facility. This protects our customers and protects us, as well.

Q: What additional services does Environmental provide?

A: Our goal is to ensure each Environmental customer’s facility is clean, well maintained, and serviced for optimal efficiency for their employees and for presentation to their customers. In addition to janitorial duties, we also provide the following:

Waste Removal
Pest Control
Temporary Services
Interior Plant Care
Carpet Care & Maintenance
Snow Removal
Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance
General Maintenance & Repairs
Grounds & Parking Deck Maintenance
Electrical Service & Light Bulb Maintenance
Hard surface floor repair & enhancement